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December 12, 2015

Dec 12, 2015


We are 5 weeks away from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There will be over 170,000 people in attendance, and the total exhibit space covers over 7 square miles. Most everyone will want to see the biggest and best TVs, or the new cellphones, or the amazing things that are being done with 3-D printers. However more eyes will be turned towards telehealth management and use of the “cloud’ to manage chronic diseases, and diabetes will lead the way. 3 years ago there wasn’t even a single exhibitor in that space but for 2016 there will be around 100 companies from all over the world trying to sell us on the idea of IDM (Integrated Diabetes Management) for patients. This all sounds great, but will it really work?

Our good friend and colleague from Diabetic Investor, David Kliff, who I have toured CES with in the past, has taken a pragmatic look at the idea of IDM and shares the positives and the challenges that all of these companies and programs face.

Another big category at the CES will be fitness bands, such as the FitBit, Vivofit, Fuel and Jawbone. Last year we picked up a Misfit Shine and recently one of our wearers wrote a review (http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/for-your-patients-misfit-shine-activity-monitor/). Now that the gift giving season is upon us, many of our patients are looking for these as gifts to help them be healthier. This week we have a column from our expert Dr Sheri Colberg as she gives guidance on “To Fitbit or Not to Fitbit,” and why the best model may not be for all our patients.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief