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Dec 26, 2017

Dec 26, 2017

Today it was 81 degrees in St. Petersburg, Florida, and after a great bike ride, we were out looking at outdoor spas. This great weather often makes me forget how cold and wet it can get “up north.”

When Steve sent the Disaster Averted to me to review, the last thing on my mind was freezing cold weather and the risk of frostbite. Then I took a look at the weather map, and it made sense why he had chosen that feature. As you can guess, our patients have a greater risk of frostbite because of decreased circulation in their extremities, and the cold that would not bother us can be deadly for them.


The holiday season is often the worst time of year for many of our patients as they are out in the cold to visit friends and relatives and a lot of time they just don’t dress properly. Be sure to read this week’s Disaster Averted so you can let patients know what to do.

Dave Joffe