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Dec. 23, 2017

Dec 23, 2017

Happy holidays from the entire staff here at Diabetes in Control.

This week we add another SGLT-2 inhibitor to our armada of diabetes medications. This new drug, Ertugliflozin, (see news flash) is coming to the market as a stand alone and in combination with both a DPP-4 inhibitor and Metformin. We will wait to see final pricing, but there is a chance for some patients that the SGLT-2/DPP-4 combination could be a really good choice.

The problem with this is, even though you are getting two new class drugs in one pill, will the patient be able to afford it; or more importantly will it be on their formulary? This week we have a special feature that looks at the cost of nonadherence in lives and dollars, that has its roots in patients dropping off of medications that they simply can’t afford.

We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe