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DailyBurn Tracker

Sep 4, 2012
iOS and Android


This app is similar to the Calorie Counter app by MyFitness Pal, except it does not allow logging of workouts, and food input is not as quick.

But it is simple to use, and may be good for patients who aren’t as tech-savvy. Nutrients tracked for the day only include fat, carbs, and protein (although more nutrient information can be viewed for each individual item). 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Many users (both iOS and Android) commented that the app could be improved with the addition of various features including a fitness tracker to gauge how many calories of those consumed were burned. The developer also touts the app as the only one with a barcode scanner — however, this comment could easily be outdated given the pace of change in the app industry. Overall, users seemed to like the app but were hoping for a better version soon.

DailyBurn Tracker (iOS)

DailyBurn Tracker (Android)