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Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer

Aug 31, 2012

Abvio, Inc.

Cyclemeter1 Cyclemeter2

For your more fit diabetes patients who love cycling, this app "turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS-enabled fitness computer, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, be healthier, and live longer" (iTunes).

It contains a ton of tracking and reporting features right in the app, along with access to graphs, reports, and other data. Cyclemeter tracks speed, distance, elevation, and time. The app also integrates with Google maps so users can easily share your cycling routes via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Voice announcements, email alerts, and iPod integration are just some of the other many features. Further, patients can not only compete with yourself against your previous workouts, but can also import the results of other users and compete against them as well. Cyclemeter also supports cycling, running, walking, skiing, skating, and more. 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Great reviews from users make this app probably a good buy for your patients who are serious about their fitness program. Not for beginning exercisers however.

Cyclemeter GPS Cycling Computer (iOS)

Not yet available for Android