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Current Interview: Mark Molitch

Oct 7, 2017

Diabetes in Control speaks with top endocrinologists and other medical professionals to bring you the latest in diabetes news and research. This week, we have another exclusive interview from ADA 2017.

June 11_Molitch - Google DocsDr. Mark Molitch is the Martha Leland Sherwin Professor of Medicine at Northwestern in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Molecular Medicine. Dr. Molitch has been active in clinical research in diabetes, focusing on diabetic nephropathy, and other areas of endocrinology. He served as the Principal Investigator for the Northwestern center of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and of the DCCT followup study called “Epidemiology of Diabetes and Its Complications” (EDIC) and has been a member of their kidney outcomes writing group from the beginning. He is Principal Investigator of the Northwestern Center of the ongoing Diabetes Prevention Program Observational Study (DPPOS) and the Prevention of Early Renal Loss (PERL) Study. In 1997, Dr. Molitch was named “Outstanding Physician Educator in the Field of Diabetes” by the American Diabetes Association and was the 2013 recipient of the “Distinguished Educator Award” of The Endocrine Society.

Featured videos include:

Pt.1: Introduction and Educating Patients

Pt.2: The Future of Diabetes Treatment

Pt.3: Hyperglycemia After Transplantation

Pt.4: SCLT2 Inhibitors and Diabetes

Pt.5: Diabetic Renal Failure

Pt.6: Post- and Pre-Kidney Transplant Treatment

Pt.7: Post-Kidney Transplant Maintenance

or view the complete interview with Mark Molitch here: Complete Interview.

To read the transcript of the full interview, click here.