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Current Interview: Stuart Weiss

Aug 12, 2017

StuartWeissSmallDiabetes in Control speaks with top endocrinologists and other medical professionals to bring you the latest in diabetes news and research. This week, we have another exclusive interview from ADA 2017.

Diabetes in Control speaks with Dr. Stuart Weiss about his private practice experiences and his typical patient recommendations. Some questions in this interview include:

  • How do you determine the best possible diabetes drug treatment?
  • How have you embraced CGM systems in your practice and are you getting reimbursed for the use of CGM’s?
  • What have you found that provides you the greatest success with your diabetic patients?

Dr. Stuart Weiss is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Endocrinology at NYU Langone Medical Center. He has a long history of clinical practice in the management of patients in the field of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. In recent years, Dr. Weiss has concentrated on the clinical application of continuous glucose monitoring to improve the lives of his patients.

Featured videos include:

Pt.1: Challenges of Working in a Private Practice

Pt.2: Preferred A1C Level

Pt.3: Diabetes Medications

Pt.4: Future of Diabetes Treatment

Pt.5: CGM for Diabetes

Pt.6: Diet and Exercise for Diabetes

Pt.7: Vitamin D Deficiency in Diabetics

Pt.8: Final Thoughts

or view the complete interview here: Complete Interview

Click here to read a transcript of the interview.