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Cost Benefit Analysis of Human and Analog Insulin

Nov 5, 2019
Editor: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

Author: Adam Chalela, B.S. Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate USF College of Pharmacy

Rising insulin costs have created limiting barriers in diabetic therapy plans. A recent study provides data on which insulin types may be the most cost-effective.

The rising costs of medications have become one of the largest barriers to entry towards the path of better health. Patients are not able to adhere to their medication therapy plans if they are unable to afford said medications. Specifically, for patients with diabetes, rising insulin costs have forced some to remain in hyperglycemic states throughout the day, leading to an increased risk of developing secondary vascular complications over time. A recent price analysis by the medication coupon company GoodRx shows that the average price of insulin has increased by over 60% per individual vial in the last five years....


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Cost Benefit Analysis of Human and Analog Insulin
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