Jun 30, 2015

By CalorieKing

$4.99 iOS

ControlMyWeight doesn’t tell your patients what to eat but just helps them to become more aware of their eating habits so that they can slowly make the smarter choices that will lead to weight control.

NOTE: This app does not sync with memberships.


  • Know exactly how much you should eat to reach your weight goal.
  • Powered by America’s most accurate food database.
  • See yourself progress with motivating charts.
  • Quick and easy to use. No Internet required.
  • Record how you’re feeling, medication and more.
  • See how many calories are in your favorite recipes!
  • When you’ve reached your goal weight, your calorie target changes to maintenance level.
  • Track more than calories and carbs: Fat, sodium, cholesterol, fiber, calcium and much more.

Start a new life today with ControlMyWeight!

We understand that managing your weight isn’t easy. If you lose weight on a diet, you often gain it right back when you stop! The problem lies with how much you should eat compared with how much you do eat. Make sure you don’t overeat by using CalorieKing’s ControlMyWeight, the easiest-to-use and most accurate calorie counter available.

To download, just use this link to the iTunes store: ControlMyWeight

Not available for Android or Windows.