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Obesity and Diabetes: Diabetes patients are considered obese when they have a Body Mass Index over 30. Such patients are at greater risk for a host of other problems cardiovascular disease, cancer, sleep apnea, and poor quality of life. Tremendous research is being done to control, manage, and reverse obesity in diabetics and the educated healthcare professional can help.

2013 Obesity Epidemic, Part 8


  We are getting close to the end of our special Homerun Slides series from Dr. Stanley Schwartz, so it’s time to start looking at the steps we can take to help our patients prevent and manage diabetes including Screening, Diet and Exercise Considerations, and both the positives and negatives …

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2013 Obesity Epidemic, Part 6


  In this week’s set of Homerun Slides, we delve in to what happens when blood sugar levels increase, the prevalence of prediabetes in our culture today, and some of the possible strategies and research investigating the prevention of diabetes, including the Diabetes Prevention Program….

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2013 Obesity Epidemic, Part 5


In Part 5 of our special Homerun Slides series on Obesity, we’ll look at how weight gain can lead to prediabetes, the genes are behind some of the conditions related to diabetes, and how impaired glucose tolerance in children could be leading to diabetes in teens….

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