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Competitive Bidding for DTS Will Hurt Seniors

Sep 14, 2012

Countless seniors rely on diabetic testing supplies (DTS) from their pharmacists in order to live with and manage their disease. Unfortunately, an expansion of Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program could disrupt that relationship and make it harder for seniors to obtain their DTS. Many seniors choose to obtain their diabetes testing supplies from independent community pharmacies. They have a trusted relationship with their neighborhood pharmacist who can provide face-to-face consulting. Applying competitive bid pricing to independent community pharmacies would result in financially unsustainable reimbursement cuts. Virtually every one of these pharmacies would have to stop providing these supplies to customers they have known for years, according to surveys done by small business health care providers. Congress should support HR 1936, which would exclude small pharmacies from competitive bidding. Steve Freed, Publisher, Diabetes In Control