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Click It Like a Pen

Aug 12, 2013

A new patient who had been using insulin pens for two years came in for a consult because his blood sugars continued to go up even though his doctor kept increasing the dose of insulin. He was on a very large amount of insulin. Our endocrinologist thought he was on way too much for his weight and asked me to find out if he was injecting correctly. When the patient demonstrated his technique we found that he was not….

When the patient demonstrated his technique we found that he was not pushing down on the end of the pen but was dialing it down instead. So, the patient was not getting any insulin. After 28 days he would throw the pen away and start using a new pen. We showed the patient the correct way to inject and now he uses only a small amount of insulin.

Lesson Learned:

This is a disaster that should never happen and can easily be prevented by making sure the patient is educated before leaving the office with a new prescription for insulin pens.

Beth, RN, CDE

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