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Circulator Boot™ Long-Boot, Valve Assembly and Heart Monitor

Aug 5, 2008

Long-Boot, Valve Assembly and Heart Monitor Many people with diabetes are at risk of developing wounds on their feet that just won’t heal

Circulator Boot™   Long-Boot, Valve Assembly and Heart Monitor

Many people with diabetes are at risk of developing wounds on their feet that just won’t heal. They’re also at risk of getting hardened arteries in their legs, a condition that can be very painful. These issues are what cause some diabetics and some people with peripheral arterial disease to need amputations. But doctors at Mayo Clinic are using a special boot to help prevent amputations and save limbs.

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The name Circulator Boot™ was chosen to indicate a device that benefited heart function and all of the circulations in the body: arterial, venous and lymphatic. It is noninvasive and its use is contraindicated only by the presence of fresh deep vein thrombi in the legs and/or aortic valvular insufficiency associated with heart failure.

The Circulator Boot™ is more than a product. Its use in limb salvage has evolved into a Method of Treatment that supports the core elements of wound therapy: increased blood supply, bacterial control, moisture and debridement. Combined with the use of local antibiotic injections, for example, boot therapy may improve the blood supply and control the infection in patients with osteomyelitis and necrotizing cellulitis when standard methods of treatment are failing.
The end-diastolic timing of its leg compressions is unique and has been used in large numbers of patients to salvage legs at risk of amputation. It also has other promising uses that deserve study and serious consideration: treatment of patients with angina, congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and septic shock.

The Circulator Boot is an FDA approved non-invasive technology

Patients have been successfully treated with the Circulator Boot™ at the Mayo Clinic, Bryn Mawr Wound & Vascular Center, Temple School of Podiatric Medicine, Jacksonville Foot & Ankle Center, St. Luke’s South Shore and many physician based treatment centers.

This FDA approved non-invasive technology is a major breakthrough for patients facing the grim prospect of a leg amputation from the complications of diabetes. Poor circulation and infection are the leading causes of 90,000 diabetic amputations that occur every year in the United States. Patients with critical limb ischemia, osteomyelitis and or congestive heart failure have few treatment alternatives.

A bad leg is a common, if not the most common, cause of hospital admission for diabetic patients over age 40. The Circulator Boot Corporation is dedicated to improving the lot of such patients and of other patients with circulatory problems in the leg, heart and kidneys.

What is the Circulator Boot, how does it differ from other boots or compare to alternative treatment modalities in augmenting arterial blood flow to the leg?

The extensive resource section includes links to relevant medical literature, landmark studies with the Circulator Boot, downloadable slide presentations, links to organizations, doctors and other professionals, information on Medicare policies and Insurance Issues, financing your boot clinic, and links to newsletters.

Case Histories are organized by disease classification and by individual title. There are over 200 cases presented with photographs that provide evidence for all to see and interpret. These cases have appeared in peer-reviewed journals as individual cases or in tabular form.