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Circadian Clocks Impacted by Glucose and Obesity

Nov 9, 2019
Editor: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

Author: Taylor-Eugene Simmons, Florida A&M University, College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, PharmD Candidate

Circadian clocks control cardiovascular disease risks; researchers are looking for new ways to fix the clocks.. 

The circadian clocks inside the body’s cells that help regulate timing of many body functions and control cardiovascular disease risks within a 24-hour day appear to be affected by high glucose in obesity. Dr. David Stepp, vascular biologist in the Vascular Biology Center, and Leon Henri Charbonnier, Endowed Chair in Physiology at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, demonstrated that glucose and cardiovascular problems are linked in obesity. “We know that high glucose impairs circadian clock functions, but now we want to know [if] by fixing the clock can we fix the cardiovascular problems,” says Stepp....


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Circadian Clocks Impacted by Glucose and Obesity
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