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Changing Medications

Sep 24, 2012

At a recent support group meeting, a patient raised his hand and told me that he had been prescribed both Lantus and Levemir, and was taking them both at night.

I advised him that he would not have been prescribed both since they were both long-acting insulins. However the patient insisted he was started on 10 units of Lantus and then was ordered 13 units of Levemir and told to take them both.

After the support group meeting I called his physician’s office and advised them of the patient’s medication regimen. The medical staff person then told me the patients had been switched from Lantus to Levemir due to issues with weight, and it was assumed he understood that he would no longer be taking Lantus. The doctor’s office was very appreciative of my report since the patient had been doing this for 3 months with some low blood sugars in the morning.

Lesson Learned

When changing drug regimens, make absolutely sure the patient understands what is being discontinued, and what medications are being added as replacement(s).

Jeanine Hinman, RN, CDE


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