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Cell Press Journal Reader

Jan 17, 2014

Elsevier, Inc.
iOS/Android free with subscription 

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Stay up-to-date with developments in your field with the latest issues from 29 Cell Press journals on your smart phones and tablets. An interactive reading experience lets you swipe and zoom through articles, save papers for reading offline, download PDFs, take notes, search across all journals, share your favorite papers on social media, and read the new open access journal Cell Reports. Use your existing ScienceDirect or Cell.com profiles to access full text of the journals you regularly read, or log in as a guest to read abstracts.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

This app is really only available to professionals who already subscribe to Cell unfortunately and given the cost of subscription the app is not being very widely used. In addition, the app is relatively new (more so for Android users) and the development team seems to be working out some bugs. Might be worth it to wait on the next version or even try to access the articles through some of the other apps that aggregate the latest science journal article at lower prices.

Cell Press Journal Reader icon(iOS)

Cell Press Journal Reader (Android)