Apr 10, 2015

CareCam Health Systems

Free iOS/Android

The CareCam app was developed to be used with insurance companies but is available to anyone on both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The app is targeted toward two specific health issues – asthma and diabetes. It provides the insights, tools, and greater confidence to help patients manage their chronic health condition better each day.



  • Personalized daily schedule of healthcare activities that fits lifestyle and health care provider care instructions.
  • Reminders and personalized educational feedback on activities like taking medications, using inhalers, testing blood sugar, and more.
  • Summaries of past results to help patients understand progress that they can share with you and other health care providers at their next visit.
  • Family, friends, or caregivers can follow patient progress and offer support
  • Can help prevent complications that could result in time out of work, frequent doctor appointments, and costly, time-consuming ER visits

To download the app and for more information, just follow the appropriate links:

CareCam iOS

CareCam Android