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Cardiovascular Benefits of Green Tea and Coffee

Mar 21, 2013

Green tea and with coffee can reduce risk of stroke….

It is the catechins in green tea, and caffeine and chlorogenic acid in coffee that reduce the risk of strokes.

Researchers at Japan’s National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center suggest that green tea and coffee beverages can help reduce risk of having a stroke. More than 83,000 Japanese adults over 45 years old were studied for their drinking habits over a 13-year time span.

The findings showed that adults who drank at least one cup of coffee or 4 or more cups of green tea per day have a 20 percent less chance of having a stroke. It’s unclear how green tea affects stroke risks. A compound group known as catechins may provide some protection. Catechins have an antioxidant anti-inflammatory effect, increasing plasma antioxidant capacity and anti-thrombogenic effects.

Coffee contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid which have lasting effects on type 2 diabetes and can lower risk of a stroke. Participants’ sex, age and lifestyle factors were also taken into account in the research method. Also, coffee and green tea drinkers tend to exercise more than non-drinkers.

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