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Calorie Counter

Jan 4, 2013

iOS/Free and Android/Free


Leading calorie counting app with an editorially curated food database. Calorie Count’s app is a free dieting tool that allows patients to search and log nutritional data for over 250,000 foods, popular exercises and healthy recipes, as well as track their weight loss, all while on the go. The Calorie Count app serves as an extension to CalorieCount.com, an award-winning free online dieting service with almost 3 million members.


The concept behind Calorie Count is to help people lose weight by providing a comprehensive calorie counter and nutritional analysis. CalorieCount.com is well-known for its supportive and vibrant community and numerous social features, including forums, groups, journals, and Facebook Connect integration.


Key features of the Calorie Count app include:

  • An easy-to-use graphical dashboard that allows users to navigate through the app while being able to quickly visualize their dieting progress.
  • One of the most comprehensive nutritional analyses of food consumption against daily targets among calorie counting apps.
  • The ability to quickly search and log more than 250,000 food items.
  • Tools to view current and past food, activity and weight logs.
  • Logging-by-voice (speak: one bagel, two …)
  • Barcode Scanner to make logging foods simple.
  • Compare yourintake and daily burn expenditure using the net calorie gauge
  • Access to Calorie Count’s daily blog (www.caloriecount.com/blog) to help patients stay motivated and informed.
  • The ability to record daily weight and view charts to measure user’s progress against weight loss goals.
  • CalorieCount Member account automatically updated whether user logs information through a computer or the app.
  • Support for English and Metric units.

Calorie Count has been featured in:

  • Marie Claire
  • All You Magazine
  • People Magazine
  • In Touch Weekly

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Generally positive and enthusiastic reviews with some technical problems for Android users. Some reviewers noted that although the food database was large, some indicators (saturated fat, fiber) of interest to people with certain health concerns (i.e., diabetes and heart disease) were missing. Users also commented that they especially liked the social aspect of the app.

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