Burnout Proof

Jul 17, 2015

By TheHappyMD.com

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The “Burnout Proof” app, created for physicians, is loaded with stress management and life balance tools proven effective by Dr. Dike Drummond’s 1,547 hours of one-on-one physician coaching. “Burnout Proof” contains 19 videos, 18 audios and 11 documents covering physician burnout basics and dozens of burnout prevention and life balance techniques

There is an epidemic of physician burnout in the USA. The Medscape Physician’s Lifestyle Survey of 2015 showed 46% of American physicians are suffering from symptoms of burnout. Physician burnout has severely negative effects on the doctor and the care they provide to their patients. Burnout causes lower patient satisfaction, more frequent medical errors and higher rates of physician turnover, drug and alcohol abuse and suicide.

“Burnout Proof” contains audio guides for sitting and walking meditation, guided imagery sessions for relaxation and even a chair yoga routine that takes only eight minutes. All the videos and audios are short, built for easy implementation and maximum impact. Everything is designed so physicians can have proven burnout prevention tools and techniques at their fingertips, 24/7 with the touch of a button on their smart phone or other mobile device.

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