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BMJ (British Medical Journal)

Jun 27, 2013

BMJ Group
iOS/Requires membership with BMJ


The BMJ iPad app combines the weekly BMJ print journal selection of research, comment, and education (with added interactivity), along with live feeds of the latest news, blogs, podcasts, and videos to appear on bmj.com. Key benefits include: content from the weekly print issue; live feed of latest news, blogs, and podcasts; easy to read one page summaries of research papers; relevant editorials written by experts; and a video channel.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Because this app hasn’t been downloaded very much and there is no Android version yet, feedback on the app is limited. Some technical problems have been highlighted but these seem to have been jumped on by the support staff pretty quickly. In addition, there’s a cost barrier. However, given BMJ’s quality content, the resources the app is offering, and the general trend in publishing towards tablets, this would seem to be a must-have for the serious professional.