BlueLoop Mobile

Aug 13, 2016

blueloopmobileappsBlueLoop is a tool for children with diabetes. It provides care coordination among caregivers, improving a child’s and family’s ability to manage diabetes, especially when the child is away from home. BlueLoop was founded on the premise that communication, not just data, is the key to positive health outcomes. As data and notes are entered, they’re instantly shared with designated caregivers (mom, dad, school nurse…) through email and text notifications. As a result, knowledgeable caregivers are always “on call”, ready to offer real-time, expert advice and assistance. These notifications also provide parents much-needed peace of mind.

BlueLoop provides iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android users the ability to document, store and share diabetes information real-time: blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication (insulin, Lantus, Metformin, etc.), notes and more.

Instant notifications are sent by email and/or text message as you enter data. These notifications vary based on how you set up each caregiver online in your account.

BlueLoop is safe, secure and simple to use, in a HIPAA-compliant environment. The Blue Loop app is available in iOS and Android versions.