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Blood Glucose (Sugar) Tracker – iDiabetes

Sep 1, 2012
iHealth Ventures LLC
iOS/Free and Android/$1.99
Blood Glucose Tracker (iDiabetes) is an easy to use app to help patients control their blood glucose levels.

The app helps monitor and keep track of blood glucose levels. It features an easy and intuitive interface for recording blood sugar readings according to the date and time so that patients can monitor changes in blood glucose levels over time. There is a Log History display to allow patients to view all historic data.
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
This app seems to have only recently been released to the Android platform where it is $1.99 so has not received much feedback. For the iOS version, it is now free, so this may not say much about the quality of the app. However, several reviewers report positively on this app so, for iOS platform-using patients, it is certainly worth recommending.

Blood Glucose (Sugar) Tracker – iDiabetes FREE (iOS)

Diabetes App: Glucose Tracker (Android)