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Blandine Lacroix Part 5, The Role of the Medical Community

Blandine Lacroix talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed at the 2016 AACE Meeting.

In part 5, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Blandine Lacroix charges the medical community with understanding obesity and being of support to those with the disease.

Blandine Lacroix is the Vice President of Obesity Marketing at Novo Nordisk.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: If there are maybe just a few things you want the medical professional to walk away [with] from this event, what would you like that to be? Primarily for pharmacists, dietitians that will watch this more so than the doctors here, what do you want them to walk away with?

Lacroix: I want them to walk away with the fact that obesity being a disease, many people with obesity and there’s 18 million others with the disease and 12 million children. They’re going to need your help. You need to unite together to understand the role you can play in caring for those people with the disease of obesity. They need your help, they don’t always realize that you can help. You have the opportunity to help change mindsets. You have the opportunity to help them understand the science of obesity, the fact that your body works against the will of the person. You have the opportunity for them to understand that there’s ways to tackle the weight journey, around like starting to venture into medication and that you’re in it with them and that it’s going to be a long-term journey. Now the truth is there are a number of ceilings, of things that prevent people to be in that state of mind. The first one is the mindset. A lot of people believe that obesity or that weight that people carry is an individual and a lifestyle choice that it needs to be solved by the individual on their own and that has to change, and if people engage in helping them, there is a strong acute weight-loss culture, not enough of a chronic weight management culture. Losing weight is important, what’s harder is to keep it off. So the medical community has a great opportunity to be a key supporter and a coach and a person to engage the person in that chronic journey. So that’s the first thing in the mindset. The second thing is that yes it’s true that today when you think about the health care system and reimbursement for care and coverage for medication, you are limited when you compare it to diseases like diabetes for example. So that has to change and the payers, the employers, the federal government are all looking into ways to better assess how to prioritize obesity as a disease. They’re not there yet. So the medical community has a great opportunity in showing them that care can happen. It can happen effectively and it will allow them to have the better framework for funding for care and for coverage of medication. So kind of this advocate role in saying obesity needs to be treated. We can have a role to play and let’s change the way it’s funded today. And then the third one is, every one of them can engage in that care, they just need to make sure that they work together and connect the dots on behalf of the person with obesity. And it will help diabetes by the way too.

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