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Blandine Lacroix Part 4, How Long Does It Take?

Blandine Lacroix talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed at the 2016 AACE Meeting.

In part 4 of this Exclusive Interview, Blandine Lacroix explains the motivational interview process.

Blandine Lacroix is the Vice President of Obesity Marketing at Novo Nordisk.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: So you do motivational interviewing for obesity, how much time does it take for the family practitioner to actually provide that service?

Lacroix: Can you just reframe the question for me?

Steve: The doctor only has 15 minutes with the patient. The motivational interviewing takes 2 and a half hours. It’s not going to work. So the question comes, how much time does it take to actually go through what you’re presenting on the website as far as motivational interviewing for obesity.

Lacroix: So motivational interviewing is not… it’s not one event that happens in a period of time, it’s the way you engage throughout each time you meet with each other. The other thing is when you think about chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, it’s not just the practitioner in the room but engaged in the care of the person. So it’s very important for us to understand where the care team members around the practitioner that can also support and engage in that conversation. Motivational interviewing foundations is essentially one or two questions that make sense to engage in a broader conversation. So we actually…when you look at the training we provide, and others provide around motivational interviewing, it’s understanding the foundation and the skill sets you need to have. But in the engagement with the person, all it takes is that right question, that one question, that start engaging in the next step.

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