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BD’s New Infusion Set with FlowSmart Technology

Jun 4, 2015

BD has received FDA clearance for its new insulin pump infusion set with FlowSmart technology. The new set uses a novel catheter which allows insulin to flow out of two places: the bottom (like current infusion sets) and the side (a new innovation). the new tech innovation led to an ~80% reduction in flow interruptions and a ~78% reduction in occlusion events. This should help patients avoid silent occlusions, which are often not detected by pumps and can lead to unexplained hyperglycemia. Features include: tubing lengths of both 24 and 42 inches; the smallest infusion set insertion needle with a 30-gauge needle; BD’s patented sliding shield which covers the needle even after insertion; and a multi-position connector that allows patients to connect the tubing to the on-body set in eight different positions (e.g., no need to line it up).