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Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Jun 22, 2010
Reviewed by Dave Joffe, CDE, FACA, Editor-in-Chief
and Alexander Brown, PharmD Candidate Florida, A & M University



There are a lot of patients who, like me, have to be on the cutting edge technology-wise. We were the first to get an iPhone or a Droid and we ran to get an iPad when it first came out. The problem with these devices is the learning curve. It takes so long to get good at using the product that most of us never learn the best features.

Now Bayer has jumped into cutting-edge blood glucose monitoring with a system called CONTOUR® USB  that is as high tech as an iPad but as simple to use as a watch.

Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB has a connector which plugs directly into a computer’s USB port and loads Bayer’s GLUCOFACTS® Deluxe software. This makes it easy for not only the patient, but also for doctors, to view the results of the patient’s history and trends. 

Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB meter is small, sleek and very user-friendly. The screen displays bright colors making it easy to read and a built-in illuminated strip port helps with testing in the dark. It’s equipped with a permanent rechargeable battery and can hold 2000 blood glucose memory tests, including 500MB of extra memory.

To help the patient individualize his or her own therapy, the CONTOUR® USB comes with an option that allows the patient to program their personal HI/LO (high/low) target range (based on their doctor’s recommendation). There is also an auto-log feature which helps mark pre and post meal tests in the digital logbook.

I asked one of my interns, Alexander Brown, PharmD Candidate, Florida A & M University, to test the CONTOUR® USB and here is what he had to say.

“Dave asked me to use Bayer’s CONTOUR®, Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB and another brand of blood glucose monitoring system during my 8 week rotation, and I found Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB to be the best choice. Aside from the sleek design and technological advancements, Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB has no coding technology, uses a small blood sample and testing may be completed within five seconds.”

Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB blood glucose monitoring system is in a class of its own. It has something for everyone with diabetes. It has the USB port, for patients who are technically savvy, and it has the bright colors, big numbers and an illuminated strip port for patients who have trouble seeing. It’s also small and sleek for the business professional, and it’s an excellent way for patients to become active in their own blood glucose management.  I recommend the CONTOUR® USB for anyone with diabetes.”

I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I reach into my bag for a monitor, the one I carry is the CONTOUR® USB.

For more information, please follow this link: Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB Meter.

Disclosure: The authors of this review received a complimentary sample of Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB blood glucose meter from Bayer Diabetes Care.