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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

One Bite at a Time

Woman, 42 years of age, class III obesity, type 2 diabetes diagnosed in the past year, binge eating disorder. Very motivated to change lifestyle when first diagnosed. She goes off and on her medication. When off, she binges. As an hcp, I wondered about the severe changes from totally "on" to totally "off." Yes, this patient is receiving counseling, CBT.

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Joining the Diabetes Team

Should a dentist or a periodontist be part of the diabetes team, along with the doctor, nurse, pharmacist, eye doctor and podiatrist? Follow the link to share your opinion - and see what your colleagues think!

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April 23, 2016

Test Your Knowledge

Mr. Huang achieves good glycemic control with his lifestyle modifications, metformin and linaglipitin, and returns every 6 months for follow-up visits. Three years after initiating this treatment plan, he returns to your clinic for his 6-month check-up. When asked how his diabetes management is going at home, he shares that recently he has been “unable to really get out and get as much exercise as he know he should due to his creaky, old knees acting up.” His current office A1C is 8.8%. You discuss with him what the next management steps may be to achieve his individualized glycemic goal. What would your next medical management step be? Select one answer: A. Add a rapid-acting insulin analogue B. Add a long-acting insulin analogue C. Add a GLP-1 agonist D. Add a sulfonylurea Are you right? Follow the link to find out!

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Inpatient Teaching Should Include Outpatient (Real Life) Education and Supplies

One day a 31-year-old woman who had recently been hospitalized and subsequently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes came into our diabetes clinic for education. She had been discharged from the hospital less than a week prior to coming to our clinic. She was frustrated when she arrived, as her blood sugars had become increasingly elevated after leaving the hospital. She had called her primary care physician and he instructed her to increase her dose of long-acting insulin. Still, her blood sugars had not improved.

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