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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

A New Paradigm in the Understanding and Treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome, Part 2

As concluded in the previous newsletter in this series, “Evolutionary selection for insulin resistance in a cyclic environment: brain clocks and control of peripheral metabolism” the brain is equipped with circadian neurophysiological mechanisms to induce (and reverse) the insulin resistant state that evolved as a survival strategy against ensuing environmental stresses such as prolonged (seasonal) lack of food availability. A central facilitator of this insulin resistance induction is a diminution of the circadian peak in dopaminergic activity at the SCN. Neurotoxin induced destruction of these dopaminergic projections to the clock of insulin sensitive animals induces marked insulin resistance and glucose intolerance without alterations in food consumption.

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Question 867

Test Your Knowledge

What physiological feature puts East Asians at increased risk for type 2 diabetes? 1. Greater insulin resistance 2. Lower levels of endogenous incretins 3. Increased beta-cell dysfunction 4. Increased incidence of dyslipidemias Did you get it right? Follow the link to see the correct answer!

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