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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

“My Dose Coach” App to Optimize Basal Insulin Dosing

Sanofi’s My Dose Coach app joins other insulin dosing apps recently cleared by the FDA, and new dosing tools from Novo Nordisk/Glooko. Sanofi’s My Dose Coach, a new, under-the-radar mobile app for adjusting basal insulin doses for those on injections, received FDA clearance in late March. A healthcare provider prescribes and sets up the My Dose Coach mobile app so that it can suggest optimized basal insulin injection doses for people with diabetes. The app will use fasting blood glucose and hypoglycemia data and recommend changes in doses if readings are too high or too low. Release date is unknown.

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Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

23-year-old female, type 1 diabetes since 5 years of age. A1C elevated to 8.9% after usually having A1Cs in the 6-7 range. Came to see me at the end of our workday after wearing LibrePro (Blinded CGM) to go over her food/insulin/glucose/activity/etc. patterns. First thing she said to me was that she had a Dexcom but hasn't worn it because battery in transmitter was out for the past 6 months. She told me she really hasn't been checking her glucose on a regular basis at all.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #73: Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in Liver Part 9 of 11

Glucose phosphorylation as a therapeutic target for diabetes: Early experiments using genetic overexpression of glucokinase in liver of rodent models showed promise for the protection against hyperglycemia during diabetes, spawning the development of glucokinase activators. These drugs interact with allosteric sites of glucokinase, thus promoting a conformation that exposes the catalytic domain and potentiates the activity of the enzyme.

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