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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

Just Because It Says “—” Doesn’t Mean It Is

Male, 62 years of age, type 2 diabetes, class III obesity. Has been on metformin, 1,000mg twice daily. Glucose in the 200-300mg/dL range. A1C. Taught about lower carb meal plan, started on Trulicity, first 0.75mg, then 1.5mg/dL. Made the dietary changes right away with the addition of the Trulicity. Within 2 weeks glucose levels averaged 125, patient losing weight, decreased appetite and feeling good. More energy. Insurance did not cover Trulicity, but did cover Victoza, so started on Victoza. When made the change, started with the 0.6mg daily, then increased weekly to the 1.8mg/day.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #78: Insulin Actions In Vivo: Glucose Metabolism Part 4 of 9

Glucose disposal: In the basal state, steady/near steady-state conditions prevail and whole-body glucose disposal equals endogenous (hepatic) plus renal glucose production. Data on the individual contribution of organs and tissues to total glucose uptake have been obtained in regional catheterization studies. In the case of the splanchnic area, in which glucose uptake and production both occur simultaneously, such data have been derived from the combined use of glucose tracers and indwelling catheters.

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Diabetes and CV Disease

Test Your Knowledge

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what percentage of patients who have diabetes and are older than 65 years old will die of heart disease? A. 58% B. 68% C. 78% D. 88% Follow the link to see the correct answer.

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Patients on SGLT-2

Approximately what percentage of type 2 patients do you have on SGLT-2 Inhibitors? 1. None 2. 5% 3. 10% 4. 15% 5. 20% or greater Follow the link to see how you and your colleagues compare!

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