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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

Preferred Drug Class

Which new drug class have you seen the best results with in lowering A1c’s? 1) DPP-4 2) GLP-4 3) SGLT-2 4) Other Follow the link to see what others think!

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LogFrog DB Lite

Manage diabetes quickly and on the go with LogFrog DB Lite, free for seven days of use! In a few seconds you can track: blood glucose, insulin or oral medication, carb intake, exercise, weight and more! LogFrog DB Lite can help keep you organized and help you analyze and better understand your data.

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A Different Kind of Disaster

When we think about disasters, we usually think of the outcome, a poor health outcome. We don’t always think about the journey. The journey to poor health outcomes are many. Today I am reminded of not having the insurance coverage for the correct medication. Without it, one can have a disaster, poor diabetes management. The consequences of that, as well as the disruption to running a smooth office.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #58: Mechanisms of insulin signal transduction Part 2 of 8

Insulin receptors, ligand binding: The insulin action sequence is initiated with specific binding to high-affinity receptors on the plasma membrane of target cells. The insulin receptor is a large transmembrane glycoprotein consisting of two alpha- and two beta- subunits that form a heterotetramer, as depicted in Figure 12.1. The insulin receptor is synthesized from a single gene as a polypeptide pro receptor comprised of alpha- and beta- subunit sequences in tandem.

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