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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

GLP-1 Contraindications

Test Your Knowledge

Which of the following are strict or relative contraindications to the use of some of the GLP-1 agonists? A. Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndrome type 2 B. Personal or family history of medullar thyroid cancer C. Pancreatitis D. All of the above Follow the link to see the right answer.

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Single-Payer System

Do you think that a single-payer heathcare system would help to provide better care at less cost? Follow the link to share your opinion.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #85: Measuring Insulin Action In Vivo

Insulin action dynamics: Insulin sensitivity from the clamp is expressed in terms of the steady-state value reached after a period of hyperinsulinemia. A dose–response can be constructed and sensitivity can be expressed as the ED50, that is, the concentration for half-maximal stimulation of Rd as a function of dose. Alternatively, sensitivity can be expressed (as it usually is) as the Rd at a specific dose of insulin, which may be low, intermediate, or a maximum dose. It is often assumed that steady-state rate of glucose uptake is reached by 180 min after onset of the insulin infusion. In fact, steady-state glucose uptake is not reached at 3h. Glucose uptake rate at 3h is only 2/3 the “true” steady-state, which is not achieved until 6h. Certainly, shorter periods (e.g. 120 min) are inadequate to reflect steady-state rates of uptake.

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