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Production Assistant, Diabetes In Control

International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #75: Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in Liver Part 11 of 11

Pyruvate dehydrogenase and lipogenesis: The generation of pyruvate via glycolysis and L-PK brings the chapter full circle. Tracer experiments in humans estimate PDH flux to be very small in the postabsorptive liver. However, in the fed state activation of hepatic lipogenesis requires activation of PDH flux to generate acetyl-CoA from carbohydrate. PDH consists of three subunits (E1 – E3) that catalyze the sequential decarboxylation, acetyl-CoA formation and reduction of NAD+ to NADH, respectively.

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Diabetes Therapy Titration Guidelines

According to the American Diabetes Association's (ADA's) guidelines, how often should you intensify therapy for patients with diabetes who have not reached their A1C goal? A. Every month B. Every 3 months C. Every 6 months D. Every 9 months E. Every 12 months Follow the link to see the correct answer!

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Preferred A1C

As a medical professional, what would you like your A1c to be, regardless of your health? 1) 7% 2) 6% 3) 5% 4) 4% 5) 3% Follow the link to see how your response compares to your colleagues'!

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