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Practical Diabetes Care, 3rd Ed., Excerpt #32: Lipids Part 2 of 6

These subtle differences together may account for some of the increased cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes. The level of increased risk is the subject of much academic discussion. In large diabetic populations studied in the past, coronary risks were often found to be approximately doubled compared with non-diabetic groups, and the concept of diabetes as a coronary risk equivalent is almost embedded – type 2 patients who have not yet suffered a coronary event have a similar coronary risk as non- diabetic patients who have already had an event. The therapeutic corollary of this view is that all patients require equally intensive secondary prevention treatment.

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Practical Diabetes Care, 3rd Ed., Excerpt #31: Lipids Part 1 of 6

Dyslipidemia in diabetes is usually the simplest cardiovascular risk factor to control. There are few patients whose lipid profile cannot be optimized, or at least markedly improved, with a combination of lifestyle interventions and single or combination drug therapy. The increasingly stringent targets recommended for high-risk patients, usually with pre-existing cardiovascular disease, proteinuria or both, are also attainable, but judicious combination therapy will be needed in some. There is persuasive evidence that low LDL levels maintained in the long term are associated with stabilization or even reversal of carotid and coronary atheroma, though we have yet to see the impressive intravascular ultrasound images correlate with event reduction in RCTs.

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