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Managing Editor, Diabetes in Control

We Need Your Help: Interview Formats

Do you prefer to watch our video interviews with recognized diabetes doctors and experts, or read transcriptions of the interviews? 1) Videos 2) Transcripts 3) Both Please let us know -- follow the link to respond!

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Alcohol Chart

This chart provides carbohydrates and calories per volume for common alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

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Where There’s One Autoimmune Disorder, There May Be Another

Male, 32 years of age, type 1 diabetes, was following gluten free diet of his own choice. Was never diagnosed, just "feels better" when he doesn’t eat gluten. Has lab tests that were negative for celiac in the past. Came to see me for follow up diabetes education. Noted weight loss of 5 pounds in one week. Glucose levels were not elevated, in fact for the most part in target range.

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