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Question #850

Test Your Knowledge

Issue849Graph Here's another test of your graph-interpreting skills! Follow the link to see this graph at full size and indicate the parameter that best describes Curve 2. 1. Insulin Secretion 2. Postprandial glucose 3. Fasting glucose 4. Insulin Resistance

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When Adding a GLP-1 for Patients Who Have Type 1 (off label use)

Female 43 years of age. Type 1 diabetes/insulin resistant, hyperglycemia, increasing insulin to manage glucose, but not covering well. Increasing appetite and gaining weight. GLP-1 (Victoza) added at 1/2 recommended start dose for people who have type 2 diabetes, which is 0.6mg, so patient started at 0.3mg daily. Patient started having hypoglycemic reactions, most often postprandially and nocturnally.

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