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Managing Editor, Diabetes in Control

Managing Editor, Diabetes in Control

Beta Bionics Reaches a Milestone


Recently Beta Bionics, the makers of the iLet artificial pancreas, reached a significant milestone: raising $1 million through online public fundraising. It is no longer a question of if an artificial pancreas will exist, but of when it will become commercially available. With every major insulin pump company working in this area, along with many startups, patients will not just have one system, but several they can chose from.

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Political Candidates


Since the result of this Presidential election will have a major impact on our nation’s healthcare, which candidate are you leaning towards? Follow the link to share your opinion!

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Question #846

Test Your Knowledge

Less-stringent A1C goals (7.5 - 8.0%) may be acceptable in certain individuals with type 2 diabetes. Which factor(s) support less stringent goals? A) Limited life expectancy B) History of severe hypoglycemia C) Multiple comorbidities D) All of the above Did you get it right? Follow the link to find out!

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BlueLoop Mobile


BlueLoop is a tool for children with diabetes. It provides care coordination among caregivers, improving a child’s and family’s ability to manage diabetes, especially when the child is away from home.

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Alternative Therapies for Type 1 Anger Me


I’ve been with many a person who has type 1, when the person is told if they would just eat, drink, or rub this potion on their body, or if they would just think a certain way, they would no longer have type 1 diabetes. When I see or hear this, I become very angry and protective. Today, a woman who has had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years told me she went to an alternative healer for an essential oils treatment. The “healer” told her if she would rub the cinnamon oils on her ankles it would heal her diabetes. She asked me what I thought.

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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #36: Normal Beta-cell Function Part 1 of 6


Insulin is an ancient hormone; it emerged early in evolution since the most primitive forms of vertebrates (extant lamprey and hagfish) evolving from insulin-like peptide genes, which are expressed in all multicellular animals. From an evolutionary point of view insulin facilitates survival in an environment where access to nutrients is discontinuous, erratic, and difficult, requiring the function of highly specialized tissues necessary to allow movement and appropriate reactions to external stimuli (i.e., skeletal muscle and nervous system). Insulin, in the fed state is secreted to stimulate glucose and amino acids uptake allowing the build-up of depots of glycogen, proteins and lipids, which are necessary to sustain the energy requirements during successive fasting.

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