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Artificial Pancreas Software Algorithm Receives Approval in Europe

Apr 3, 2015

Glucositter software from DreaMed reduces hypoglycemia and increases time spent in-range in overnight and 24-hours/day use…

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The Glucositter software algorithm has received a CE Mark in Europe, but the big question is when and how this software will reach patients. Currently, the system runs on a laptop, but a handheld device for patients is an ideal choice. DreaMed Diabetes is the company in charge of commercializing the closed-loop system consisting of software algorithm, pump, and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

The Glucositter software is a product of Diabetes wiREless Artificial Pancreas ConsortiuM (DREAM), and based on the MD-Logic closed-loop algorithm. The group has tested the software on patients over the past few years. The system has decreased cases of hypoglycemia, and increased in overnight in-range blood sugar and 24-hour/day use.

The study found 68% fewer hypoglycemia cases and nearly double the overnight time spent in-range of 70-140 mg/dl. Currently, the Glucositter software runs on a laptop and communicates with the Medtronic pump and CGM. In the US, DREAM is submitting FDA approval for the entire closed-loop system using this algorithm.

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