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This article originally posted and appeared in  MedicationIssue 538

West Virginia Is the Most Heavily Medicated American State

West Virginia Is the Most Heavily Medicated American State: According to Forbes, West Virgina has the highest prescription drug use of any U.S. state. Citizens of the Mountain State filled 18.4 prescriptions per person last year, compared with a national per-capita rate of 11.6 prescriptions. The other states that made the Top Ten List, in descending order, are Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi, Iowa, Missouri and Vermont. Some 12.3% of adults in West Virginia have diabetes, more than 68% are either overweight or obese, 27% smoke, nearly a third say they are in poor mental health and almost 20% say they are disabled, according to the CDC.



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This article originally posted 07 September, 2010 and appeared in  MedicationIssue 538

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