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This article originally posted and appeared in  CardiovascularProduct Spotlight3Issue 538

New Product: PREVU Skin Cholesterol Test

Miraculins PREVU Skin Cholesterol Test

Miraculins_PrevuThis test provides a non-invasive and painless measurement of skin cholesterol. According to our intern, Robert Bushey, University of Florida College of Pharmacy, skin comprises 11% of the total body’s cholesterol and is a newly determined risk factor for heart disease. Changes in skin cholesterol closely parallel those of vascular cholesterol and high skin cholesterol is a valuable surrogate for arterial accumulation. This test can give us a much better idea of what is sticking to the vessels rather than what is circulating in the blood.



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This article originally posted 09 September, 2010 and appeared in  CardiovascularProduct Spotlight3Issue 538

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