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ARK Care Real-Time Diabetes Management System

Mar 1, 2013


Don’t just monitor diabetes… manage it!

ARKRAY’s real-time data management system for people with diabetes, their management team and support circle. Consistent use of ARK Care has been shown to lower A1C by as much as 3 percentage points and an average of 2.2 percentage points.1 ARKRAY offers on-demand access to patient data through interactive viewing for the whole healthcare team. It has been shown every 1 point A1C reduction saves up to $4,100 in annual healthcare costs and ARK Care documentation can help you receive your performance reimbursements.2
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1 Karen E. Smith, MD., Betty A Levine, MS., Stephen C. Clement, MD., et al. "Impact of MyCareTeam™ for Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus." Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics 6.6, 2004:828-35.
2 Gilmer TP, O’Connor PJ, Manning WG et al. The cost to health plans of poor glycemic control. Diabetes Care. 1997; 20:1847-53.
Editor’s Note: We work hard getting our patients to start monitoring on a regular basis and then all of a sudden they stop and we bang our heads against the wall to figure out why. I believe the reason is that often they "see no value in monitoring." Frequently I ask patients in a class, "What do you do with your readings?" I either hear, "I write them down and give to my prescriber," or, "Nothing, they are in the machine." So since a lot of times they see no value in those readings they quit rather than endure the pain. Now there is a way for them to actually use the readings they get. The ARK-Care real-time data management system, from Arkray is made for people with diabetes, their management team and support circle. Using the ARK-Care real-time data management system gives your patients a reason to monitor and the data needed to make intelligent, informed decisions about their care.