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Are Insulin Pumps a Better Choice than Multiple Insulins for Type 2’s?

Jul 18, 2014

Continuous insulin pump might be superior in managing blood glucose than insulin injections…. 

Patients in the study all had uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and were between the ages 30 to 75. Results showed that after 6 months, patients with an insulin pump had a significantly greater decrease in their average blood glucose levels compared to the patients who had multiple injections per day. Approximately twice as many people with insulin pumps reached their target goal for controlled glucose level. In addition, they also required a lower daily insulin dose. There was no significantly difference found in hypoglycemic episodes in both groups of people using the insulin pumps or the insulin injections.

According to Yvez Reznik, study author, the insulin pump device can be beneficial in terms of convenience, decreasing insulin injections failures, reducing the complexity of dose tracking, and scheduling.

Although the pumps may allow for better control in glucose management, they may be a burden financially. Insulin pumps currently are not considered the standard of care for diabetes and to reduce the cost could be challenging. 

Practice Pearls:

  • Insulin pumps may someday be the optimal treatment approach for type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Insulin pumps have provided better results in glycemic control than multiple insulin injections.
  • Even trials with insulin pumps have shown positive glycemic control results, the financial burden may still be an issue for many patients. 

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