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April 16, 2019

Apr 16, 2019

When I would see male diabetes patients in the endocrinologist’s office, we would always order a testosterone level as part of the labs. It seemed that regardless of the severity of their diabetes or their age, the majority of these men had low levels. The association between low testosterone and diabetes has been studied for years and the use of testosterone injections, creams, and gels is well known. 

Since many of us subscribe to the theory that pre-diabetes will eventually lead to diabetes, does it make sense that men who have pre-diabetes be tested and if necessary prescribed testosterone, and will it make a difference?

This week Ghazal Blair, PharmD Candidate from LECOM College of Pharmacy, has put together a feature from three different sets of researchers that actually concludes that early and long term testosterone use can prevent the progression to diabetes. 




Dave Joffe