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An App that Predicts Low Blood Sugars Three Hours in Advance

Mar 5, 2016

GlycemiaAlertAppIBM and Medtronic team up to produce an app to predict hypos, which is 80-90% accurate. The app uses the IBM Watson supercomputer – the same one that won “Jeopardy,”  to analyze CGM data, glucose trends, carb data, insulin pump data, and an individual person’s glucose history to predict future low blood sugars within three hours of taking a bolus. The hypoglycemia prediction app will rely on real-time data sent from a Medtronic pump to the MiniMed Connect keychain device to the new mobile app. At launch, the app will function exclusively with Medtronic CGM and pumps, and it will likely only support Apple iOS (Android is planned over time).

Medtronic and IBM do not yet have FDA clearance for the app for Medtronic pump users, and it is still in its prototype phase. Given the expected summer 2016 launch, however, we assume conversations with the FDA have gone favorably to date. Alternatively, the app may not need FDA clearance, as it’s arguably a very safe entry into real-time diabetes decision support – a super-charged CGM prediction alarm for lows.