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Alternative Therapies for Type 1 Anger Me

Aug 9, 2016

I’ve been with many a person who has type 1, when the person is told if they would just eat, drink, or rub this potion on their body, or if they would just think a certain way, they would no longer have type 1 diabetes. When I see or hear this, I become very angry and protective.

Today, a woman who has had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years told me she went to an alternative healer for an essential oils treatment. The “healer” told her if she would rub the cinnamon oils on her ankles it would heal her diabetes. She asked me what I thought. My first response was, “You have type 1 diabetes. You need insulin. You will always need to take insulin in some way or form to be healthy and alive. Your body no longer makes insulin and rubbing cinnamon on your ankles is not going to make your pancreas produce insulin. If and when there is a cure for type 1 diabetes, you will hear it from the medical profession.” I then asked, “Who wants to sell you the cinnamon? The healer?”

She said yes. I asked her, “Do you think this healer would recommend this if the healer was not selling the product?” She said, “Probably not.” I did inform her there has been some research with cinnamon and lowering glucose levels, but it has to be a certain type of cinnamon, a certain amount, the studies aren’t conclusive and cinnamon does not take the place of insulin.

She then told me a friend of hers recommended she see another alternative healer who would give (I’m sure she meant sell) her a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin Bs for her diabetes. She already knew my response and said, “I’m staying away.”

In the end, we reviewed her plan, how she could better manage her glucose levels with her insulin timing, eating pattern, and activity. She left the visit feeling more positive and less confused. I was also glad to see she most likely had more money in her pocket to buy what she actually needs to manage her type 1 diabetes.

Lessons Learned:

  • Type 1 diabetes is not easy to manage.
  • Many people, both who have type 1 diabetes and who don’t, don’t understand that type 1 diabetes is a condition in which a person’s pancreas produces very little or no insulin.
  • Insulin is a life-promoting, life-saving hormone.
  • No lotion, potion, or positive thinking takes the place of insulin.
  • People who have type 1 diabetes need to understand the above.
  • People who have type 1 diabetes may have a lot of people make them promises, some out of ignorance, some out of trying to make money, but the person with type 1 must understand they need and must take insulin to save their life. At this time, nothing else is going to do it for them.
  • Remind your patients of this no matter how long they have had type 1 diabetes.

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