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Altamash Shaikh Part 3, Diabetes Severity in India and U.S.

Jan 24, 2017

Dr. Altamash Shaikh talks with Diabetes in Control Associate Medical Editor Joy Pape at the 2016 AACE Meeting.

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Shaikh explains the life experience among the Indians that lends itself to the development and perpetuation of diabetes.

Dr. Altamash Shaikh is a Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist, and Metabolic Physician in Mumbai.

Transcript of this video segment:

Joy Pape: Why do you think the severity of diabetes is worse in India?

Dr. Altamash: It’s again because of the glucocentric or carbohydrate diet approach. And wrong eating habits, we have a lot of festivals going on around the year. We eat a lot of calorie dense food, sugary syrup based foods which are there and these are also added along with that the nighttime food of Indian people especially is more. Because in the morning generally everybody needs to go up to their office or breakfast is eaten in haste or not taken. Lunch is a small box taken from the home or eaten in the office in whichever category people are working. But whenever everybody comes back from home, be it a lady or a man, they are fed very well for the night so the night consumption of calories is more, night consumption of food is more, which leads to obvious weight gain and increasing insulin resistance and the severity also increases.

Joy Pape: What about Indians in the United States?

Dr. Altamash: Yes, so the studies that have been done about Indians in the United States, we’ve found to be similar as an Indian in India. So American Indians or African Indians or European Indians or other Indians, all have been shown to have bad diabetes because of these genetic effects, added along with the lifestyle, and with the dieting factors, so wherever we’ve seen, this is what is happening with the studies across the world.

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