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Altamash Shaikh Part 2, Diabetes Among the Young

Jan 17, 2017

Dr. Altamash Shaikh talks with Diabetes in Control Associate Medical Editor Joy Pape at the 2016 AACE Meeting.

In part 2 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Shaik explains the pervasiveness of diabetes among the younger Indian population and the three reasons for this occurrence.

Dr. Altamash Shaikh is a Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist, and Metabolic Physician in Mumbai.

Transcript of this video segment:

Joy Pape: Why do you think people are younger who develop diabetes in India?

Dr. Altamash: So in India, generally there is something called this Asian-South Asian phenotype, or an Asian-Indian phenotype, where the visceral obesity is more. Which means that the fat around the organs that are in the tummy are more common than in other parts of the world, which causes insulin resistance which is one of the main backbones of developing diabetes. That is one reason. Part two is the carbocentric diet, which means that Indian people or South-East Asian people eat a lot of carbohydrates in their food, which means the glucose load to the body is more. And the third thing is that the amount of exercise done by Indians and South Asians is much less compared to other parts of the world. So muscle mass is less, fat mass is more, insulin resistance is more, exercise is less, carbohydrate content in the food is more. Everything put together gives a good milieu of developing diabetes. That is why we need to combat it first always from the lifestyle modification point of view and then take it from there.

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