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AllergyEats Mobile

Sep 4, 2012

iOS and Android


For your patients with food sensitivities, this app can help find places to eat when traveling. Users can choose, for example, ‘Find Restaurants,’ then select their particular sensitivity, and select ‘Find Restaurants Near Me.’

The app will use your patient’s device’s GPS to search for local restaurants that are "Allergy-Friendly," based on user ratings. The app also provides links to menus, but the ability to view allergy-specific information online depends on each individual restaurant. Your patients will most likely find that the most useful part of the app is the written user reviews of each restaurant, which more accurately clue the reader as to what to expect from their dining experience at the chosen restaurant.
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Extremely positive with feedback from both vacation travelers as well as business travelers. One happy users described it as the "Best. App. Ever." Although feedback is generally positive, users also seemed to understand that not every restaurant would be listed and were okay with this.