All My Food Facts

Jun 9, 2015

FoodFacts, Inc.

Free for a Limited Time/iOS 

For your patients with weight issues, food allergies, and other health issues not normally covered in food information apps, this app takes dietary concerns a step further. Included in the app are features tracking: Diet, Ailment, Allergy, Ingredient and Nutrition Tracker, Calorie Counter, Food Diary & Food Scanner. Patients can: track calories to lose weight; select allergens and specific ingredients to avoid; and choose issues such as Heart Disease to see what foods to avoid/have.

From the FoodFacts iTunes store page:

How It Works:

Personalize and Set Your Foodfacts

  • set your profile with gender, age, activity level, height and weight
  • set your goals with foods you are eating (i.e.: calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, etc.)
  • select the allergies you want to avoid
  • select the specific ingredients you want to avoid
  • select from our list of ailments for what is ailing you and see what food to avoid/have

See What’s Really In The Foods You Are Eating & How They Rate

  • scan, browse categories and search products
  • see a detailed product view of each food and all the allergens in it
  • see all the number of ingredients in each food broken down to controversial, non-controversial, and ingredients you have selected to avoid.
  • see all the nutrition facts for each food
  • see why we give each food our food score (A-F) from our “Things To Know”
  • see what foods to avoid based on your allergies/avoids and from the ailments you’ve selected.
  • see what foods to have from the ailments you’ve selected

Create a Food Diary

  • add and keep track of what you are eating daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • keep track of all the calories you are consuming with each food and your limit
  • make favorites, create a history and save meals
  • set reminders to keep track

See Your Personalized Outcome

  • see how your foods rate for daily, weekly and monthly for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
  • see how many ingredients you have eaten for daily, weekly, and monthly
  • see the goals you have set for daily, weekly, and monthly 


Available at the iTunes store:

All My Food Facts